Weekend Family Conference
"A weekend that will change your life!"

Lessons Learned From Life's Mistakes (Samson)
Saturday Night Cookout or Potluck begins at 5:30 PM, with session starting at 6:00 PM)

Satanís tools still work . The life of Samson has many wonderful lesson for us today. This one day Family Conference is guaranteed to help families in your church . David starts the morning off by helping parents overcome guilt produced by a wayward child. Then he quickly moves into wrong relationships in dating and friendships. This is a seminar for the entire family.

 ~This presentation will cover~
* Eight Pitfalls of parenting.
* Four reasons why rules are good.
* What are our responsibilities to our children?
* How to determine if your friends are from God?
* How to convert absolutely good parents into pests.
* Three things that sin will do to the believer.

Samson Worksheet Handout
Samson Promotion Picture                                 Response has been Phenomenal

Preparing the Home for Spiritual Warfare
(Sunday School)

Ephesians 6 gives the armor that Christians must wear in order to overcome the enemy.  The battlefield is everywhere.  We need to help those Christians who suffer from "Battle Fatigue".

The Road to Victory
(Sunday Morning Worship)

A message of the life of David Benoit.  David was in reform school by the time he was 16 years old.  His father was an alcoholic and his mother was in a mental hospital.  This message is guaranteed to inspire your people to walk closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Occult Invasion of the Home
(Sunday PM.)

You may be surprised to learn how occultism through the media and education is being distributed freely to your families.  David Benoit has the knowledge and the communication skills to explain this complex subject matter in a very simplistic way.  This message is just what every family needs to know about protecting their children from a sub-culture that is anti-Christian in nature.

Do Children Take Harry Potter Seriously?
(Optional Monday Night)

Harry Potter is taking the world by storm, but is he as harmless as some may have you believe?  This message will expose the hidden dangers that are found is this fictional character's life.

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