Dear Brother Benoit,  It was a joy to have you in our church today.  I can't tell you how glad I am that you exposed the evils of Harry Potter.  My daughter and I have had some discussions.  She had been deceived like you mentioned in your message.  "It's just fantasy," was her comment. 
Tonight when you gave the invitation, I looked over to where she was sitting and she wasn't in her seat.  She had gone to the alter.  I began to weep as I have been praying for her about this control that it has had over her.  She becomes a different person when she reads those books and doesn't even see it.
Praise God for men like you that are not afraid to stand for what is right.  I know the enemy is at work hoping to destroy the work of the Lord that you are accomplishing thru the preaching of the word, but he loses. I will add you and your ministry to my prayer list. God bless you richly.

Jo Rigsby
Victorville, CA

My name is Greg Locke.  I was a month from my sixteenth birthday when I first heard you preach.  It was Friday night, April 16, 1992.  You were preaching a youth revival at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in
Nashville, TN.  I came to you after the service that night and told you that I appreciated what you were trying to do, however, I was involved in rap music and not interested in rock.  You looked at me and said, "Young
man, if you can listen to that type of music and it doesn't bother you, then you have a black heart and you need to be saved."  I was so angry at you for that.  I was forced to come back the following night.  That night
you spoke and made many references to rap music.  I was saved at the invitation in that very service.  I write you this to tell you that now almost ten years later my wife and I have been in full time evangelism
for five years.  I am a graduate of the Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC.  The Lord has greatly blessed our schedule, and we have held 48 revival meetings a year for the past three years.  We are members
of the Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN.  I was living in a children's home in Murfreesboro when I came to your meeting.  My life was in shambles and I was searching for something more.  Thank you for
your faithfulness to preach the Word of God.  I hope that our paths will soon cross.  May God bless you and the work He has you doing.

In Christ,
Evangelist Greg Locke

Is it possible for a Christian to see spirits and have them interact with them or is this just demonic activity? My daughter who is 16 and has had many of these happenings in her lifetime is concerned and says that she hasn't
told us of many occurrences because she doesn't think we believe her. Once she had her best friend on a walk with her and they both witnessed a 'spirit' in the form of a little girl and she spoke to them and wanted them to follow her to a family cemetery. My daughter claims to have also seen her grandfather (my dad) who passed away almost eight years ago. I'm concerned over these events and want to help her. I tell her that "greater is He that is in her than he that is in the world". She says she won't walk to this place anymore because this thing is out to get her and wants her dead. The last time she says 'it' threw rocks at her because she and her friend refused to follow it. She has had many of these experiences. I'm always cautioning her about allowing a doorway for Satan to enter. She is surrounded by so many things at school such as Satanist groups and the wiccans and just how open our young people are to things such as this. I'm not comfortable talking with our pastor about this and was wondering what you might think of all this.


We were saved in 1997 led to the Lord by Pastor Anthony Lamb of Freedom Baptist Church in San Antonio soon after we were saved he showed us your videos on Rock Music. At first I had to shut it off as I could believe my eyes. I was cut to the heart as before I was saved I was so involved in Rock Heavy Metal music of the 80's. I worked for a Rock radio station and ASHAMED to say promoted O. Osborne. I can't even write the first name as I don't want the old devil to be glad. My husband was also a former Rock musician. Glory to God we watched those videos and then we cleaned house throwing ALL our CD's and Tapes $$$ in the Apartment Complex Dumpster!!! Along with many other things with satanic symbols on it that we had in ignorance. Thank God for you and our Pastor for using your videos to assist us with positive peer pressure to separate from evil and cleave to that which is good. Thanks again!
Sincerely Saved!

Mrs. Ann Marie Garcia
San Antonio Texas!  
Job 13:15a

I would like to take a few moments of your time, thank you for your help in my life.  You see I was a young boy not much older than twelve or so, I was in a Christian belief based boys home. I was still a troubled youth ,I was in love with spirits that weren’t of Jesus The house parents I had to watch over us boys were true believers in Christ .They also knew of my problems with heavy metal music and dungeons and dragons, you know the life style. I had a (cutting) or self mutilation problem .One night I had fallen depressed, and began to ask my houseparent questions pertaining to things in my life, and why I felt as I did. This was in 1991,at the kings valley ranch in South East ..Ohio. They gave me your tape (Violence in rock music)

Things you said made since in my life after that point. I began to listen to heavy metal different  when I left the home I accepted Christ in my heart in October 1994).Life got a little easier even though the hard times are still present .I have a friend in Jesus, and it started with my dear friend Bruce Everson , your tape, and my wife to plant the seeds of love .Please sir I would like you to pray for those people ,And thank you for your ministry.                   

 -------Jason House-------

My husband & I watched  your seminar on Sky Angel recently.   We home school, so our children do not come in contact with many of the programs you mentioned, and we always discuss the Disney movies they
watch with them and make them aware of the themes that run through  reading--the Chronicles of Narnia--Though Lewis was a Christian and there is an analogy to Christ & his resurrection in Book 2---there is still magic in them.   What do you advise on those books?     And how about Lord of the Rings??   My husband & I saw the movie and my husband just finished the books.  My 11 year old son really wants us to read that aloud but again, though Tolkien was Christian it seems good magic vs. bad magic.   I am searching for a positive spiritual message in the movie--outside of the fact that the innocence of the Hobbit is the only thing that can defeat evil.  What are  your ideason these two pieces of literature?

God Bless You!
Carol Towns
We watched your video on Entertaining Spirits Unaware. Now we are cleaning house, because we have a 10 year old. I would like to know if there is anything wrong with My Little Pony toys. also The talking Furbies.
 Do you have a monthly newsletter or e-mail updates. We learned a lot from your video and want to learn more.
 My older daughter is in witchcraft. Please pray for her. She is 22 years old Her name is Heather Little, What can we do to help her? Wow can we talk to her? So she will listen.

Thank you very
Kevin & Mary Howe

I am currently reading "entertaining Spirits Unaware" and it has helped my ministry tremendously and most importantly, my own family! This is great work and I Thank You for taking a stand...... I will be ordering "14 things witches hope parents never find out" I will be seeing Eric at Winlock assembly of God at the end of the month as well...

Thank you and God Bless your ministry!


Scott Thorvaldson, Director
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
I wasn't able to speak with you after the church service last night, April 14, 2002, at Anchorage Baptist Temple.  We had spoken briefly just prior to the start of church and I had expressed the thought that if I
had older children I probably would have let them see the movie version of Harry Potter.  My premise was that from the opening scene it took the viewer into the realm of fantasy, something the books don't do. After listening to you last night, I realized just how wrong I was and that I had been sucked in to the devil's ploy.  I praise God I attended last night.  My perspective has been changed and although I do not have any
children, no longer will I express such a misguided opinion to others.  Thank you for opening my eyes.

Kind regards in Christ,
Bev Niles

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