When you hear about children killing each other in schools, and  that the divorce rate is at an all time high.  That drugs, alcohol, abortion, promiscuity, and suicide are deemed normal in our society, it's time for the church to wake up!
     Pastors, we need to understand that these situations are not just social problems, as the world tells us.  Until we come to grips with the fact that the home is under spiritual attack, we will continue to misdiagnose the problem.  Therefore, we  continue to 
     There is no one in America who can present a case for spiritual victory over demon forces that are attacking our homes like David Benoit.  His message is one of hope, not fear.  David has a unique way of presenting hard hitting facts with southern style humor.  Don't pass up the opportunity to have David for your church conference.

Jerry Falwell, Pastor
Thomas Road Baptist Church

     Evangelist David Benoit has given his presentation, Storefronts of New Age, over our radio ministry heard daily over ninety radio stations.  We have always received a great response to David's message and materials regardless of the subject he speaks on.  We certainly recommend him to any church or organization who would like to understand more about the "age we live in".

Noah W. Hutchings, President
Southwest Radio Church

     Satan has always understood the value of repackaging his products.  It used to be called the Occult; now it is called the New Age Movement.  Demon possession is now called channeling.  Atheism is now referred to as Humanism.  Astrology, goddess worship, reincarnation, and even witchcraft are being marketed to God's people as entertainment.  The only way Satan can deceive the church is to make demonic doctrine palatable to you.
     David Benoit will expose your people to the truth of what God's Word says about the subtly of Satan's devices.  His computer generated program on the "Storefronts of Deception" is incredibly powerful.  Last year I personally recommended David to do his presentation at Super Conference in Lynchburg, VA.  His sessions were packed out!  He did a great job of exposing Satan's lies by showing the truth in God's Word.
     I believe David has a message that the church desperately needs to hear.  As a pastor, you may want to pray about having David in your church as soon as possible.

Elmer L. Towns, Dean
School of Religion, Liberty University

 I have known David Benoit for more than two decades and have always enjoyed his infectious enthusiasm for the truth and for God’s Word.  I believe He is God’s servant for the 21st century to keep the Church from falling asleep in the presence of the devil’s devices.  Glory Ministries has proven to be an effective tool in the hands of God to focus the Christian’s attention exactly where Satan least wishes our attention to be focused - on the deception of the occult.  I know of no one being used of God today in this area of ministry who is bearing more fruit than David Benoit.  Every parent needs to benefit from Glory Ministries.  Every church needs to know what David Benoit knows about the devil.  If we did, we wouldn’t be such an easy target for him.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll -
Teacher for the
“Back to the Bible”

     I am exited about the ministry God has given David Benoit.  For many years I have been involved with athletes and I know the work of true champions. Dave’s message is truly the work of a real winner, and I am happy that we are teammates in the service of God.

Ron Bishop -
S.C.O.R.E. International President

     "David Benoit is an effective evangelist and a gifted communicator. Every meeting we have had with him at Trinity Baptist Church has made a great impact for Christ and helped the church.  We have some of our largest crowds at his meetings.  I would encourage any pastor to find a place to use his ministry."

Pastor Tom Messer and family,
Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.
President of Trinity Baptist College.



Pastor did you know?


1. A 2002 Barna Research Group study, reported by World Net Daily, indicated

that 86 percent of children watched witchcraft or supernatural-themed television shows on a regular basis.


2.  Witchcraft is being marketed more than any other time in history. You can 

 demonstrate this very easily by using an internet search engine.

Witchcraft - 341,000 sites     

Necromancy (communicating with the dead)- 13,400 sites (Programs like “Crossing Over” with John Edwards is causing many to question a teaching condemned in God’s Word).

Divination - 193,000 sites      

Black Magic - 58,000 sites

Magic Spells - 45,000 sites  


3.  At the University of Arizona and Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, believers in   

    Witchcraft can be excused from class on Wiccan holiday.


4. American libraries are promoting occultic materials while banning books that carry a Christian counter view.

Here is an example from a public library in Charlotte, NC.

In the Charlotte Public Library System I found:

87 books on astrology - 0 with opposing views.
35 books on witchcraft - 0 with opposing views.
79 books on dreams - 0 books to oppose it.
34 books on reincarnation - 0 to oppose it.
76 books on the occult - 1 with a Christian viewpoint.
5 books on goddess worship - 0 with opposing views.


5. According to a Gallup poll, belief in astrology has increased from 25% to 28% over the last decade of the 20th century.

Barna on Astrology 2003 

Believe in the accuracy of astrology - 31%

Belief by women - 36%

Belief by men - 25%

Belief by persons 25 to 29 years of age - 43%

Belief by persons over 64 -17%


6. More people than ever before believe in Reincarnation

Believe in reincarnation - 27%

Belief by persons 25 to 29 years of age - 40%

Belief by persons over 64 - 14%





7. More Americans believe in Necromancy than ever before.


More than one-third of the public (35%) also believes that it is "possible to communicate with others after they die."

This perspective is related to a person's age: half of all adults under age 38 endorse this view, compared to one-third of the Boomers (mid-thirties to mid-fifties) and just one out of seven older adults.


A recent survey revealed how America perceives the spirit world.

Ghosts may exist (1999) - 48%

Ghosts definitely do not exist (1999) - 47%

Ghosts exist (2003) - 51%

Belief by women that ghosts exist (2003) - 58%

Belief by persons 25 to 29 years of age - 65%

Belief by persons over 64 - 27%


It is clear the avoidance of addressing these subjects has contributed to the moral and spiritual decay in America.


8. Many cartoons and children oriented games use real occultic teachings imbedded within its contents to undermine the Christian world view.


9. Eastern Meditation is being taught to children in our public educational system. Some teachers learn how to deceive Christian parents.


If you still have trouble with the word “Meditation” when bringing this program to your children, parents, family, school administrators or board of educators, use alternative terms like Stephanie does, such as awareness training, concentration, centering, awareness games, relaxation, wholistic learning, creative imagery, etc.

(Authors note - Meditating With Children, p. 148.)


Compare this teaching with a book by a witch named Starhawk.   Spells [and magic]... require the combined faculties of relaxation, visualization, concentration, and [mental] projection...The Spiral Dance


Yet if you pray!!!  NEW YORK (CNN) -- A Bronx middle school teacher was fired after a school board hearing over her leading her sixth-grade class in a prayer. A school board spokesman said the teacher's action had violated the separation of church and state. June 17, 1998


10. Just as sex education created an environment conducive to the acceptance of immorality in our culture, which has inspired a sexual revolution, I am now seeing an acceptance of witchcraft because literature such as Harry Potter has gained social acceptability through the public educational system. 



Now that we have established America has a problem, how do we deal with it?


  1. This subject must be dealt with very delicately.  (David Benoit has dealt with this subject for over 20 years. He has been interviewed by the national media. He has appeared on hundreds of Christian talk shows. He has spoken in Christian schools and churches throughout the 50 states).
  2. David Benoit’s message is not a message of gloom and doom, but a message of hope and courage. “God has not given us the Spirit of fear.”
  3. The appeal of David’s message is not just to the logic of man, but the Spiritual make-up of man.
  4. “I consider myself a specialist in the exposing of occultism and the home. I tell Pastors that I am a specialist and they are general practitioners. They cannot spend weeks and months of studying the occult. They have to preach the whole council of God.”


Some of the questions that will be answered by Evangelist David Benoit in his conferences:


1. Who was the first Devil worshipper?

2. If God is as powerful as you Christians say He is, why doesn’t God just destroy the Devil?

3. Why do people get into the occult? (Seven reasons.)

4. Does the Bible talk about wizards?

5. Five cautions in dealing with fantasy.

6. Why can’t you be a Christian and a witch? Aren’t there many ways to God?

7. How to send Christians back into the closet? (Four ways)

8. Do Psychics really know the future?

9. Is reincarnation taught in the Bible?

10. Can people really talk to the dead? No! Yet it is condemned in the Bible. Why?


Does David Benoit teach and preach from the KJV? Yes


What kind of meeting does David Benoit do?

  1. He will do weekend meetings.
  2. He will do an all day Sunday
  3. He will do a Saturday through Monday evening programs.


What are the schedules and topics?

Saturday evening “Lessons learned from life’s mistakes.”

Sunday School “Preparing the home for the Spiritual battle”

Sunday Morning. “Road to victory” (The life story of David Benoit)

Sunday Evening. “The occultic invasion of the Home part 1.”

Monday Evening “The occultic invasion of the home part 2.”


What are his fees?

  1. David Benoit comes on a free will offering bases.
  2. Plus travel expenses and hotel accommodations.
  3. Tape sells.


How do I contact him for a meeting?

Office phone is 434-525-3799