Disarming The Powers of Darkness Awareness Conference
"What every Christian parent needs to know about the occult."

The "What Every Christian Parent Ought To Know" conference, can be held as a weekend conference or a Sunday and Monday night program.  For more information contact Glory Ministries to customize a week-end for you.

    During this conference occult expert and Evangelist David Benoit
    answers a number of tough questions such as:

1. Who was the first devil worshipper?
2. Can a Christian be a witch?
3. Is reincarnation taught in the Bible?
4. Can people talk to the dead? It may surprise you how many in your church believe this.
5. If God is so great why doesn’t He just kill the devil?
6. Can a Christian be demon possessed?
7. Can a person sell their soul to the devil?

    These seminars are jammed pack with vital information for every believer.
1. Eight reasons why God tolerates the Devil.
2. Seven reasons people get into the occult.
3. Five ways Satan can use fantasy.
4. Four reasons why a person cannot be a Christian witch.

      Disarming Worksheet                                                                          


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